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That’s a wrap

Those who know me (even relatively well) know I have a deep, deep love for Subway. There have been times in my life that I have eaten there everyday (sometimes twice a day) and usually have the exact same order. These days, I eat there less, but my love has remained. We are bonded, Subway and I. In fact, while in college, my best friend, Lindsay, and I met there practically everday for lunch. Last August, when I moved to my current residence in order to start graduate school, I realized that there was a Subway inside a Walmart 2 miles from my new apartment. I looked over at my Mama and told her “This is where I am meant to be.” She laughed to keep from crying because she knew I was not kidding.

Now, allow me to set the scene. I walk in, the workers and I high-five, they begin making my turkey wrap without me saying a word, we chat about life, I hand over the exact amount for the transaction, and as I walk out (wrap, chips, huge diet coke in hand) we wave and blow kisses and look forward to the next day when we meet again.


Ok, well that was basically true, except the love exchange between the workers and myself is actually not so, shall we say, overflowing with friendly adoration and well-wishing. Mostly I think they look at me and think, “Gracious, that girl with no life/friends/knowledge of other food is back again.” But that is ok, because in my heart I know I really do have a life and friends and enjoy a variety of other foods. I am just a creature of habit and to quote my Mama, “I like what I like.”

Can you tell I have had to defend this passion before?

So it’s true, out of habit, convienience, the love for a healthful meal, and a special love for “chips and a drink,” I frequently find myself in line excitedly uttering the words “Hi, I would like a wrap with turkey, please!” Wrap being the key word and the Main Attraction that has kept me coming back time after time.

Sad, sad truth time. They have replaced the wraps.

I can barely remember the incident. I can vaguely picture the small, friendly gal who (because she knew me well) stopped me before I even said anything to tell me, “Oh, honey, they changed the wraps.”

I’m sorry, what?

But it was true. Time stood still for a moment. I studdered as I order something else. I saw the look of pity in the worker’s eyes, and as I robotically filled up my 32 oz. diet coke, I knew that another chapter in my life had come to a close. Now, please believe me when I tell you that I realize to many this post will seem silly and/or funny (in the non-LOL way). But, for this girl–who is currently living in a state of change and whose mind is constantly trying to get a handle on how to adjust to all things new and challenging–the discontinuation of something that has become such a staple deserves some attention.

This change in routine just reminds me of all the other bigger, more important changes I have experienced in the past year–graduating from college, a move, adjusting to graduate school, meeting new people, interning with a crazy person (a whole other post, believe me) and much more. A lot of it has been really fun and interesting, a lot of it has been really hard and challenging. But, I am thankful for it all because it has really driven home a lesson that I always need to be reminded of (even through very trivial matters such as lunch cuisine)…Change is inevitable; it’s what you do with it that matters the most.

Edited to add: In the spirit of living and learning, I have adjusted my order to include the ever delicious (I forgot how much I loved that bread!) 6″ sub. Apparently, I am nothing if not adaptable 🙂


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