At first sight

It was outside Longhorn Steakhouse where I first experienced love at first sight. I was walking in, he was being carried out. And not because he had enjoyed a long night o’ partying at the bar. Which we all know is so attractive. Ahem. I am also not referring to something a hungry customer was holding in the form of takeout, like say, free bread (which, by the way, was the greatest idea of all, ever).

At the time, he was with another girl. A cute blonde who instantly starting chatting with me as our paths crossed on that brisk November night. As it turned out, she was looking for someone to keep an eye on her man a few nights a week. Those eyes? That giggle? Those edible little fat rolls on those sugar-ridden legs? I honestly could not get the word yes out fast enough.

And so, our love affair began. I call him Little Boy, and there was a slight age difference. You know, with him being 3 months old and me being 21 and all. But it didn’t matter to us. And, as an added bonus, he had a cute big brother, too!

For the last year, Little Boy, brother Big Boy, and I have spent countless hours together. I have watched them both grow and learn. I have watched them celebrate birthdays, learn to walk, and learn to negotiate with the best of ’em. I have watched them march their little selves to time-out and have listened to them tell me “I sorry. I follow directions betta next time.” And my personal favorite–I have watched their eyes light up when they see me and their arms reach out for me to hold them. You can bet your bottom dollar that we have played, watched movies, gone to the beach, built “tee-ents” in the living room, snuggled, gone on many bear hunts, told eachother “I sure have been missing you” and “I love you sooo much.” We have sung loudly in the car and in the tub, danced in the kitchen, rocked to sleep, cried and comforted, punished and apologized, been silly and serious, and so much more.

I honestly believe I could only love My Boys more if they were my own children. Being given the opportunity to be a part of their lives was an unexpected and deeply treasured gift that I happily accept and covet.

They breathe life into me that was not previously there.

They have added so much color to this world of mine.

And they have made me love God more just for making them so unique and adorable, so hilarious and sweet.



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