Making plans

Here is a conversation Megan (my best new friend) and I had yesterday in class as we passed notes back and forth like all the smart and dedicated grad students do. It is probably only funny to us. Keep in mind we were delirious at the time as we were nearing the 2nd full hour of being crammed in a desk watching videos about cultural diversity.

It’s brutal on the education front, people.

Yet, we must find humor and joy in the small, important things in life. Like, you know…TV.

Meg: Bachelor tonight at our house??
Jenna: That would be good, but I really need to go home and get a bunch of homework and stuff done.

(I show Meg my color-coded to-do list, her eyes automatically roll).

Meg: I know, me too. But I am planning on going home after this and working so I can be done and watch TV tonight.

(I smile, proud that my friend understands the only reason to rush home and do homework is so she can give her full attention to her #1 priority later that night).

(After more note correspondence, the plan has now transformed into Meg’s husband cooking us dinner before one of the most immoral/entertaining shows the big TV people have ever come up with.)

Meg: So maybe we can time dinner to be ready right as the The Bachelor is about to come on at 9:30.
Jen: Yeah, but that is getting pretty late….OR! I can come over at 8 and we can eat and watch Dancing with the Stars and THEN the Bachelor.
Meg: Ok, but make it 7:45. You know, so we can get our food and get situated in our seats before it starts.
Jen: Wow. And I’ll make sure to bring over my large black marker so we can write L.O.S.E.R across our foreheads.


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