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Baby Einstein

Since returning home from The Gradschool, I have been a babysitting machine. I rested up last weekend and starting Monday, I was getting some much anticipated time with some cute and dirty little boys. On Monday afternoon, I picked up My Boys from daycare only to have Big Boy run over to me and proclaim, “Miss Jenna! You’re my favorite babysitter!” After I picked my heart up off the floor, I took BB and Little Boy home to build stuff and shoot stuff and make as much of a mess as humanly possible in record time.

LB is 20 months now, and my lands, that child is smart. Maybe it is just because I have been away from them for a while, but all of a sudden we are like having conversations. I have no other 20-monthers to compare the little man to, but I feel confident in my rating him as a Genius at this point. His favorite way to show me how high is IQ is includes going through a very long list of animals and subsequently demonstrating the sound that they make.

We’ve sent his application to Harvard already, we’re just waiting to hear back.

I am in awe of his sweet little baby mind and how quickly he has learned so much. On Monday, as I listened to LB quack, bark, and moo, I sat pondering how awesome God is to give us brains to naturally pick up so much information at such a young age.

As if on cue, Big Boy interrupted my thoughts to let me know that it takes a bit more than divine intervention to make baby boys as smart as ours.

    B: Miss Jenna, see dat Little Boy? See how my brodder knows doz animals so perfectly?
    J: Yes, buddy, I see that. He is soooo smart.
    B: Yeah…(nodding matter-of-factly)…I taught him everything he knows.


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