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Let’s try this again, shall we?

When I started my first little stint in blogging back in 2005, I didn’t tell anyone about it. I was inspired to do it by my fellow camp counselors at the camp where I was working, and they were my only readers. Looking back now, I wish I had continued with it. I had some pretty great experiences during that summer and when I read back now, it’s cool to see what I was thinking and how much diet coke one person can consume during one summer. It’s not a big shock to me that I didn’t keep up with it because sometimes I like to start things and never finish. It’s how I roll.

    Then, somehow or another, I got sucked into the blog world again and started getting hooked on reading about the lives of a bunch of people I did not know. Many of these blogs were by women (many who were mamas–which I am not yet), and I found them to be smart, funny, inspiring, honest, and did I mention funny? Yet, because I found this to be an odd hobby (following the lives of fun and funny strangers), I did not really share this with those whom I love dearly, nor did I share with others that one day I got a wild hair and started up my own blog again. At that time, I was starting graduate school in a new town with lots of new people and experiences. Perfect blog material one might say. I decided to write for a little while and see how it went before telling my dear people about it. And lo and behold, despite some very fun, cool, sad, inspiring, random, and interesting experiences, the blog became silent once again.

      But alas! I am going for it once again! I can’t shake this feeling that God is up to something big in my life and I want to write it all down so that I can surprise myself later with all the lessons I have learned and my ability to actually finish something. I feel like He is wanting me to write it all down and apparently all the beautiful (and empty) journals on my nightstand aren’t cutting it.

        And I think I will tell my people this time. 🙂 

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