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It’s sweet being the girl of his dreams

So getting settled back into Gradville and working through all the emotions that come along with that, I have barely had time to miss my little guys. That is probably a good thing because it is hard knowing I can’t see them any time I want—-and that sadness could totally mess up my schedule of procrastinating and worrying about my future.  Not to mention the fact that they grow at an immeasurable rate, and the next time I see them they will probably be getting ready to go off to college. Unless of course I go home next weekend, which I probably will. If that plan comes together, I am happy to report they will still be 1 and 4.

But in the spirit of wanting my heart to explode, Ashley sent me this email the other day. As you read it, you will see why it really made my week all the while testing my self-control as I fought not to get in my car and drive home immediately.


 W must have been dreaming about you, because at
5:30 this morning he started calling out for
“Jenn-Jenn!!!!” He even started clapping his hands for
you to come to him and kept saying your name. I was
cracking up!!

I went in his room and told him Mommy was here. He
said, “Jenn-Jenn at home???” I told him yes and he
said, “I want Jenn-Jenn”. I told him maybe we would
see Jenn-Jenn soon.

So in case you thought we had all forgotten about
you…..No chance of that happening. You are truly





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I have been keeping the boys all this week. 8am-6pm.

It has been fun. It has been brutal. It has been an educational experience on many levels. Let’s just say, I had huge amounts of respect for stay-at-home-mamas before this, and it increased by leaps and bounds starting about 2 or 3 hours into Day One and continuing to multiply the remaining one million hours I was there.

Today we were running a few errands aka ESCAPING THE HOUSE before it closed in on us, when B summed up exactly how I feel as this long week comes to a close.

“Miss Jenna?”

“Yes, baby?”

“Um, my breath is tired”

(smiling at the cuteness) “Do what now? Your breath?”


“Yes. And, Miss Jenna?”


“My feet are out of gas.”

And then I realized that being a stay-at-home-kid this week had worn B out as well. I know what you mean, buddy, I know what you mean.  

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Tales from the crib

I just got home a little bit ago from hanging out with My Boys. Spending time with them always proves to show me the full range of my emotions. And how many of them I can actually emote within a 5 minute span.

Let’s just say the boys are almost 2 and almost 5 and they are really good at it. Their mama and I have said it once, and we’ll say it again…they are lucky they are the cutest children who have ever lived.

The other day W was sitting at the table eating a little snack and decided that it would the most fun ever to throw his food onto the floor. I lovingly reminded him, “Buddy, we eat our food, and we don’t throw food on the floor.” I mean sure you look like a little curly, blonde-haired angel dropped straight from Heaven with cuteness for days.

But we have rules, man.

So, he was clearly informed that if he threw it down again, he was going to go to the time-out chair. Well, shock of all shocks, he threw it down again. Despite the fact that he cocked his head to the side and let loose a smile that stretched from ear to ear (his signature “I know that was wrong, but look how adorable I am” move), off we went to time-out. Oh the tears and drama as I walked away and told him to stay put because he was in trouble.

We follow directions around here, mister.

Then my heart crumbled into a million pieces as he just sat there. Bottom lip quivering. A single tear rolling down his face. The yells of “sa-wee, Nen Nen, sa-wee!” rang out as I walked around the corner to take the clothes out of the dryer.

As I unloaded, I wondered if I should have just let it slide. It’s just food on the floor for crying out loud. He probably would have gotten down on all fours like a puppy dog and eaten it all up if I had suggested the idea. Where do I draw the line between being the crazy babysitter who is fun and silly—-singing “Home on the Range” in a british accent and dancing in the kitchen—-to the diciplinarian who wants to make sure they mind me on the little things. That way, when the big things like crossing the street come along they don’t get squished like a bug, as B would say.

I kept battling my conscience, feeling terrible that I had hurt the little man’s feelings. I just knew he was around the corner crying. Probably wondering where is Jen Jen? why did she leave me? doesn’t she love me? About that time, I realized that I actually heard no crying at all.

I came around the corner to find him sitting his the time-out rocking chair. Reading a magazine.

He was real torn up about the whole thing, really.

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Here we go again

Back in January I got a frantic message from the mama of My Boys asking me to call her back AS SOON as I got her message because she had something VERY important she needed to ask me. Those little boys definitely get the need for the drama honest. So anyway, being the avid caller-backer that I am, I went downstairs to get a Diet Coke and a snack.

First things first.

Once I returned, I grabbed my cell phone and called her back. By this time, I was intrigued to know more about the VERY important matter at hand. My anticipation grew until she answered the phone and we embarked on a very exciting conversation that ended with plans for A BEACH TRIP! WE’RE GOING TO THE BEACH! (emphasis mine).

So the beach trip, which includes their whole family (totalling 16 people, 7 of which are children I will be partially responsible for) was written in the planner for the last week of June. And I won’t lie, I drew a smiley face beside it. And a small beach scene.

So all these months have passed and tomorrow is the big day. Crazy Beach Extravaganza, 2007. And while I am excited about this trip, I am not naive to think it is going to be a relaxing week of sleeping in and sun and reading my book with my toes in the sand while the children play quietly. Those dreams were shattered last year during Crazy Beach Extravaganza, 2006. Last year, Ashley (Baby Mama) called on Monday (I had planned to drive down Thursday to babysit all the kids the last night so the adults could have a child-free evening) and said, “Well hey there, Miss Jenna…what are you up to?”

Babysitter Code: Can you bump your arrival time up a 3-4 days? The children have gone crazy and and we need you…NOW. Bring wine.

So, while I know that this week isn’t going to be like going to the beach with my own family–where the youngest person is 23, and that person is me–I am up for the challenge. The boys are at the cutest ages and make everything so funny. “Oh my gosh, Jen Jen! Seagallies!” Plus, we are old pros since we already have one beach trip under belts (or bathing suit cover ups, as the case may be).

By next week at this time I am sure I will be pulling my hair out and vowing not to have children (kidding, Mama, kidding), but as for now, let the games begin! Ya’ll have a great week 🙂

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“I wanna be to da beeaaachh”

Hopefully all of my posts will not be about my adventures in babysitting, but since my summer days usually consist of much time with My Boys, most of my stories and thoughts are geared towards things like juice and Baby Bop and shooting imaginary bears. When my mama just brought me a Diet Coke, I automatically told her “tank tu” like Little Boy does. She looked at me oddly, and I just smiled and thought to myself how that was really sad, but in a cute way.

Thankfully, I do not normally use baby phrases when addressing adults, but I just returned home from a 4-day babysitting weekend extravaganza at the beach and my brain is still reprogramming itself. The Diet Coke is helping, as we all know it is a powerful AND delicious beverage.

The trip went well and everyone came back alive, so in my eyes, that is a huge success. I recieved lots of hugs and snuggles and only a few “Jen Jen, you are mean” encounters. Life is hard when you are 4 and your babysitter won’t let you jump into the deep end of the pool all by yourself despite the fact that you can’t really swim.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Baby Einstein

Since returning home from The Gradschool, I have been a babysitting machine. I rested up last weekend and starting Monday, I was getting some much anticipated time with some cute and dirty little boys. On Monday afternoon, I picked up My Boys from daycare only to have Big Boy run over to me and proclaim, “Miss Jenna! You’re my favorite babysitter!” After I picked my heart up off the floor, I took BB and Little Boy home to build stuff and shoot stuff and make as much of a mess as humanly possible in record time.

LB is 20 months now, and my lands, that child is smart. Maybe it is just because I have been away from them for a while, but all of a sudden we are like having conversations. I have no other 20-monthers to compare the little man to, but I feel confident in my rating him as a Genius at this point. His favorite way to show me how high is IQ is includes going through a very long list of animals and subsequently demonstrating the sound that they make.

We’ve sent his application to Harvard already, we’re just waiting to hear back.

I am in awe of his sweet little baby mind and how quickly he has learned so much. On Monday, as I listened to LB quack, bark, and moo, I sat pondering how awesome God is to give us brains to naturally pick up so much information at such a young age.

As if on cue, Big Boy interrupted my thoughts to let me know that it takes a bit more than divine intervention to make baby boys as smart as ours.

    B: Miss Jenna, see dat Little Boy? See how my brodder knows doz animals so perfectly?
    J: Yes, buddy, I see that. He is soooo smart.
    B: Yeah…(nodding matter-of-factly)…I taught him everything he knows.

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At first sight

It was outside Longhorn Steakhouse where I first experienced love at first sight. I was walking in, he was being carried out. And not because he had enjoyed a long night o’ partying at the bar. Which we all know is so attractive. Ahem. I am also not referring to something a hungry customer was holding in the form of takeout, like say, free bread (which, by the way, was the greatest idea of all, ever).

At the time, he was with another girl. A cute blonde who instantly starting chatting with me as our paths crossed on that brisk November night. As it turned out, she was looking for someone to keep an eye on her man a few nights a week. Those eyes? That giggle? Those edible little fat rolls on those sugar-ridden legs? I honestly could not get the word yes out fast enough.

And so, our love affair began. I call him Little Boy, and there was a slight age difference. You know, with him being 3 months old and me being 21 and all. But it didn’t matter to us. And, as an added bonus, he had a cute big brother, too!

For the last year, Little Boy, brother Big Boy, and I have spent countless hours together. I have watched them both grow and learn. I have watched them celebrate birthdays, learn to walk, and learn to negotiate with the best of ’em. I have watched them march their little selves to time-out and have listened to them tell me “I sorry. I follow directions betta next time.” And my personal favorite–I have watched their eyes light up when they see me and their arms reach out for me to hold them. You can bet your bottom dollar that we have played, watched movies, gone to the beach, built “tee-ents” in the living room, snuggled, gone on many bear hunts, told eachother “I sure have been missing you” and “I love you sooo much.” We have sung loudly in the car and in the tub, danced in the kitchen, rocked to sleep, cried and comforted, punished and apologized, been silly and serious, and so much more.

I honestly believe I could only love My Boys more if they were my own children. Being given the opportunity to be a part of their lives was an unexpected and deeply treasured gift that I happily accept and covet.

They breathe life into me that was not previously there.

They have added so much color to this world of mine.

And they have made me love God more just for making them so unique and adorable, so hilarious and sweet.


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