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Taking the long way around

I am currently road-trippin which has been more fun than a show dog could jump over. I drove back to Gradville on Thursday, and then went with Meg on a 12 hour (round trip) journey to North Carolina to pick up her new puppy, Laila. It was quite the adventure complete with lots of laughs, singing, and conversation about important world news like Isaiah Washington getting fired from Grey’s.

I didn’t realize when we began our trek that we would be driving towards what I now refer to as “WHY? HOW? WHY?, 2007.” The foster parent to the puppy had, and I kid you not my friends, 20+ dogs running around in and out of her house. I have never in all my years seen that many dogs in one designated area. I knew we were in trouble when we got out of the car and a parade of pups ran toward us like we had marinated our clothes in beef flavoring the night before. I think if you lined up all the dogs head to tail they could have stretched the distance from the Carolinas to Georgia. Once we got inside, Viv (the self-proclaimed ‘Critter Sitter’) told me I was welcome to have a seat. On the couch. Where 3 dogs (2 of which I had seen just rolling in the dirt and one whom I noticed had mange-like characteristics) were already stretched out.

Um, I’m fine really. Cue awkward laugh.

And in all seriousness, Crazy Dog-lovin Viv was as sweet as she could possibly be. She even offered me an ice-cold liquid refreshment in the form of a Diet Coke. In addition to that, she named the litter of puppies, from which sweet Laila came, after contestants on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. Hence siblings Joey, Apollo, and Cheryl. The sweet meter continues to rise as one realizes that she is obviously a great humanitarian–rescuing these canines and finding people to adopt them. Unfortunately, the only thing going through my mind was NO MA’AM. TOO MANY DOGS IN TOO SMALL AN AREA. MUST RETREAT.

So, Meg and I stole WHY? HOW? WHY? glances at each other until we were on the road again, puppy in tow. As we pulled away trying not to touch anything until we could GET TO THE NEAREST GAS STATION to wash our hands, I felt like things were beginning to look up. About that time, Laila realized riding in the car did not really agree with her and proceeded to toss her cookies.

Sign up now to go with us on our next road trip, folks!

Today has been much more low key and has involved much less canine craziness. And by less, I mean none. I have been home alone in my lovely apartment, and in true 07/07/07 good fortune, I awoke just in time to catch the first episode of an America’s Next Top Model marathon. Which I proceeded to lay and bed and watch for the rest of the day. Tomorrow I will depart for the 2nd leg of my road trip, as I am off to visit my dear and precious best friend, Lindsay. Homegirl is starting her first year of teaching in August, and my services are currently needed for important matters such as cutting, creating, and coloring. We may even sneak in a mini road trip ourselves to go see Bri and her new house.

Oh, be still my heart at the all the memories being made 🙂


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